Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sinterklaas + #creasint

Yesterday we celebrated an old Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. I had a nice meal together with my family and we did a game where we could win gifts. I won E.T. (such a shame this movie wasn't in my collection yet) and As It Is In Heaven (great movie too!). We had fun! We also did some karaoke, sorry neighbors. 

I also received an amazing gift from Nina (because we both signed up for #creasint (which is short for 'creative' and 'Sinterklaas'), organized by Imke; it's something like Secret Santa, but we sent gifts to strangers/digital friends from Twitter (although I already met Nina!)). It was a small book (handmade!) with lots of pictures of Molly! Wow!! Such a personal and special gift, thank you Nina!

I hope LykkeLijstje liked the gifts I sent her. ;)

Tonight I will celebrate Sinterklaas with my boyfriend + friends. It's a bit hard to explain in English, but we will all make a surprise for each other with gifts hidden inside. I can't tell you who I'm making something for, but I can tell you it is going to be one nasty surprise and that that person needs to get dirty to get his or her presents out! Muawaha. 

I hope - if you also celebrated it - you had a lovely Sinterklaas too. :) 

And a reminder; there are still some spots left for the workshop DIY Stationery with Rivka from rrrauw! Come and join us for some paper fun!

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