Friday, November 30, 2012


These are some pictures of workshops I gave or organized recently. I really enjoyed being able to use such a large space during the workshops, but I need to say goodbye to it soon! I will miss it, but I can't wait to have a place of my own! And I guess the workshops will be more cosy and.. gezellig (there just isn't a right translation for this Dutch word; think of a warm, happy place, drinking tea with good friends, wearing cosy, fluffy slippers and eating a piece of carrot cake. Oh and there is a purring cat on your lap and a fire place. Now that feeling? Well, that's (extremely) gezellig.). 

This Sunday I will give a workshop gift wrapping and I think I will try to do it in my shop (in stead of in the center of the building). Maybe I'll get used to it that way. And of course it's so much more gezellig.

Oh and if you want to join us during one of the last workshops in my shop in Garage C, sign up quickly! There are some spots left for the DIY Stationery (yay for paper!) workshop I'm organizing together with Rivka + for the workshop DIY Cookies by Erika from Miko Design + the workshop DIY Party Planning/Decoration that I'm organizing with Erika too. A lot of DIY-ing going on. 
Go here for more info about the workshops! If you'll join us, I promise to make some red velvet cake. ;)

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