Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yesterday I got an e-mail from Sanne Staarink. I made a birth announcement card for her and her husband Maarten. She told me to watch the 20/12/2012 episode of RTL Boulevard (a national TV show), so I did. And oh my! Sanne is a tv host/news anchor at RTL and she - obviously - recently gave birth to a little girl, so of course they - at RTL Boulevard - told everyone this happy news. But they also showed the card I designed! How cool is that?! 

I did not receive the card myself yet, I'm really excited to see the end result! 

Thanks, Sanne and Maarten + welcome Rosephine! 

You can see the fragment HERE at 00:32:00. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

E.T. phone home!

We watched E.T. yesterday. It's still such a fantastic movie and it still makes me laugh and cry! 
What's the favorite movie from your childhood?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sinterklaas + #creasint

Yesterday we celebrated an old Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. I had a nice meal together with my family and we did a game where we could win gifts. I won E.T. (such a shame this movie wasn't in my collection yet) and As It Is In Heaven (great movie too!). We had fun! We also did some karaoke, sorry neighbors. 

I also received an amazing gift from Nina (because we both signed up for #creasint (which is short for 'creative' and 'Sinterklaas'), organized by Imke; it's something like Secret Santa, but we sent gifts to strangers/digital friends from Twitter (although I already met Nina!)). It was a small book (handmade!) with lots of pictures of Molly! Wow!! Such a personal and special gift, thank you Nina!

I hope LykkeLijstje liked the gifts I sent her. ;)

Tonight I will celebrate Sinterklaas with my boyfriend + friends. It's a bit hard to explain in English, but we will all make a surprise for each other with gifts hidden inside. I can't tell you who I'm making something for, but I can tell you it is going to be one nasty surprise and that that person needs to get dirty to get his or her presents out! Muawaha. 

I hope - if you also celebrated it - you had a lovely Sinterklaas too. :) 

And a reminder; there are still some spots left for the workshop DIY Stationery with Rivka from rrrauw! Come and join us for some paper fun!

Friday, November 30, 2012


These are some pictures of workshops I gave or organized recently. I really enjoyed being able to use such a large space during the workshops, but I need to say goodbye to it soon! I will miss it, but I can't wait to have a place of my own! And I guess the workshops will be more cosy and.. gezellig (there just isn't a right translation for this Dutch word; think of a warm, happy place, drinking tea with good friends, wearing cosy, fluffy slippers and eating a piece of carrot cake. Oh and there is a purring cat on your lap and a fire place. Now that feeling? Well, that's (extremely) gezellig.). 

This Sunday I will give a workshop gift wrapping and I think I will try to do it in my shop (in stead of in the center of the building). Maybe I'll get used to it that way. And of course it's so much more gezellig.

Oh and if you want to join us during one of the last workshops in my shop in Garage C, sign up quickly! There are some spots left for the DIY Stationery (yay for paper!) workshop I'm organizing together with Rivka + for the workshop DIY Cookies by Erika from Miko Design + the workshop DIY Party Planning/Decoration that I'm organizing with Erika too. A lot of DIY-ing going on. 
Go here for more info about the workshops! If you'll join us, I promise to make some red velvet cake. ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little bird's nest

Working on a new birth announcement. :) Of course there will be some birds living in this little nest! 

Want a unique birth announcement card too? Just send me an e-mail for more info; lisamanuels at hotmail dot com.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Marie!


Did you see the new OhMarie! magazine yet? You didn't?! Then hurry and make yourself a cup of tea, grab some chocolates and click here

I made the cover for this Alpine Kitsch edition and I'm very proud! My little fox brooch (which I made in collaboration with Made By White) is also featured in the magazine. :) 

The magazine looks great, Marlous & Casper

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Planet Fur Workshop!

Last Sunday Marlous from Planet Fur (and the lovely OhMarie! magazine) gave a workshop in my shop in making little felt deer heads. She did a great job; all of the participants went home with a cute handmade treasure to hang on their wall. 

How cute is the one above made by Daphne

Of course I made (vegan!) treats for everyone; a red velvet cake with 'butter' cream frosting and a carrot cake. Yumm! 

Thank you, Marlous! And of course I also want to thank all of the participants, it was fun meeting you all (again).

Sunday I will give a workshop gift wrapping, can't wait! There a few spots left, so if you want to join us; be quick and sign yourself up!