Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sunday Market

(My mom looking very concentrated, she was making crocheted bows, which we sold a lot of!)

My booth full of buttons, prints, cards, stickers, pocket mirrors and more!

Good evening!

Here are some pictures of my booth on the Sunday Market last sunday. It was a fun day, but there was something about this market I did not like. I think it was too big, there were more than 200 market booths! I also did not like the set up of the booths. They were placed in one long 'street' and at the end of that street there was a little entrance into a building (it wasn't very clear that it was an entrance) and there were we.
But well, I did not sell poorly and I got some very lovely compliments! So thanks for everyone who was cheerful and kind! I also got to meet a lot of nice people (whom I normally only 'speak' through Twitter and stuff), like 'The House of Dots' (so awfully kind & sweet! oh, and talented!), 'Miss Thundercat' (which I already met before, lovely girl!), 'Popjes Art' (love her work!), 'Het Zijstraatje' (fun webshop and a very nice gal!).

Tomorrow I'm going to add my new cards, buttons & pocket mirrors to my Etsy shop! Finally! ;) Be sure to take a look!

Good night, y'all! Sleep tight. :)