Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's all in the name

Hi, there!

I need your help!

As you may know I'm opening my new (real!) shop on the 15th of May! I'm also going to set up an international webshop filled with all the handmade goodies I sell in the real shop in Rotterdam.
I decided to call the shop 'LM kwadraat'. My initials are LM and my mothers are too; she is going to rent the space above my shop and use it as a workplace. I'm also going to sell her jewelry in my shop. 'kwadraat' means 'squared' as in LM x LM = LM^2. You can also see it as me; LM; selling my work and work by other designers, but also giving workshops; LM x LM. Well, a little hard to explain, but I hope you understand. ;) It's a name we came up with a long time ago, sort of as a joke.

Now, the question is; is it a good name? I like it in Dutch, but how do not-Dutch people look at the name? If I'm going to start an international webshop it has to have an international name, or not? A name that everyone is going to remember? Not "err.. it was something like LM k..??"
Of course I would like the shop to have the same name as the webshop!

What should I do? Should I keep the name 'LM kwadraat' or should I choose another one? ( Turn it into 'LM squared' would give problems, there is another company called that way! )
And if I need to choose a new one; how?!

I'd love to hear what you think; I need your opinion (Dutch and non-Dutch!)! Thank you!!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Als je kwadraat een beetje 'engels' uitspreekt klinkt t al snel als kvadrat, wat misschien ook verkeerde associatie oplevert? Ik zou inderdaad kiezen voor nationaal en internationaal zelfde naam, die in beide 'werelden' goed pakt en dus iets voor aanpassing gaan van LM kwadraat.

    Je verhaal bij deze naam is wel heel mooi en dát is weer heel fijn met de storytelling rondom je merk, dus dat verhaal zou ik proberen te handhaven.

    Wat dacht je van LM2? Dus de visuele oplossing ipv de uitgeschreven variant. In je logo kun je dat visueel mooi maken, zodat t nog steeds LM kwadraat blijft zijn én internationaal betekent t zelfde. Of LMLM?

    Goed, dat is wat ik zo denk.

    Succes ermee!


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Your name issue reminds me of a company in Utrecht which is called Koen2 Concepts. The 2 also stands for kwadraat, because it was founded by two guys named Koen.. in my opnion you could name your shop LM2 and place the 2 a little higher.. in that way you can also read is as LM too when used in an URL. The word kwadraat makes me think of a designer or architect agency in stead of a nice shop. But why not just use your name LMxLM, I think that sounds nice!

    Anyway good luck opening your shop(s)!!

    cheers, Hazel

  3. Hoi Lisa,

    Ik zou ook het 'kwadraat' weglaten en vervangen door '2'. Om 'kwadraat' erbij te noemen vind ik iets te direct. Ook qua beeld vind ik LM2 mooier. Hoop dat het je helpt te kiezen.

  4. Thank you all!

    I also got some tweets saying that LM2 will look better. And you're all right. The only issue I have with this is; how to put it in urls/e-mail/etc.? Just like a 2? I don't even know how to type the higher 2! (i have an Imac, someone?!). Haha!

    But I'm going to think about it!

    And I think LM squared is a company! So that makes it even harder.

  5. I think LM2 is a great name...a little easier to remember for us non Dutch folks! ;-)

    I'm sure you'll figure it out and find something that works well. I know here in the USA a lot of times the online store has a little bit of a different name or something added to the url...probably because something was already taken. It never bothers me...I think easy to remember is very important.

    Good Luck and keep us posted!

  6. Hoi Lisa,

    LM Kwadraat, LM2, ik vind het beide mooi :)! Op internet zou ik gewoon de 2 aanhouden en niet de 'higher 2' want ik denk dat dat het voor veel mensen lastig maakt!

  7. Thanks for your opinion, Meeling & Liefgeval!

    I'm thinking of a name without the 'kwadraat' or '2'. I think numbers are kinda confusing (haha, for me at least) and I also don't think the 'feel' of the name really suits the shop! So hard.. haha. I do like to use LM, but maybe in a different way. Maybe I'll use two words; one with L, one with M.. Maybe I'll make it into a name; like an alter ego or mascot for my shop. ;) A little lovely girl with a bow in her hair. Little Molly (Molly is the name of our sweet pug) is already taken.. Boohoo..

  8. Of maak er Little Moo van! :) Dan heb je een soort van Little Molly, maar dan een beetje anders. Het klinkt wel heel erg lief :) er is wel een bedrijf dat Little Moo Moo heet, maar ik weet niet of dat erg is? Ik vind je winkeltje echt heel erg leuk en lief!



  9. O oeps, ik zie net dat je al een mooie naam hebt gekozen! :)

  10. Dat geeft niets, Bo! Dankje voor de tips!! :D En voor de lieve woorden!