Monday, March 21, 2011

New cards!

Good day to you!

I'm quite happy. Why? Because the greeting cards I ordered at arrived today! :D I was afraid they wouldn't arrive before my first market (the Sunday Market on April 3). But fortunately they did!

I made some quick (and quite ugly) pictures of them, because I wanted to show you them right away! But I'll make better pictures later on. ;) Of course I will be selling these on the Sunday Market, but also on other markets this year (see this blogpost!).

I first have a lot of other things to do and sort out, but I guess I'll put them up in my Etsy shop as soon as I find the time for it!


  1. Heeeeeeel erg leuk. Vind vooral de breiende dame super.

  2. ontzettend schattig, en mooi logo heb je voor jezelf gemaakt. je schrijft je naam zo mooi!

  3. @Christel; Dankjewel! :D Ik dacht er gisteren aan om nog een gebreide dame te maken.. ;) Misschien wel leuk.

    @Origami Chicken; Thanks!!

    @Ellen; Dankjewel! :D Haha! Ik heb 'm wel 50 keer overgedaan, is toch best lastig!