Saturday, March 19, 2011

Buttons & news

Hello, you!

Here is a little pic of my buttons/pins! It's fun to make those (I'm glad it's fun, 'cause I have the materials to make 1500 of them.. Haha!)! They will be available (along with 15 framed prints of my drawings!) in a shop called La Vie Jolie in Asten (a town in the Netherlands). I went there today and they're now finishing things up (it's a new shop) and I think it's going to look lovely..

But I also need to make a lot of those buttons for the Sunday Market which I hopefully will attend soon (03-04-11)!
The only thing is.. I also ordered materials to make little pocket mirrors. But they come out totally weird! :( I hope this problem will be solved soon, because I want to get on with making them fast! It'll be okay. I'm sure. :)

Andddd some exciting news! This week I went to Rotabs in Rotterdam. It's an old building full of little units that artists and creative people can rent to sell and make their art/products in there! I'm planning on renting one soon, because I absolutely love the idea of having my own space and selling my drawings and other things in a real shop! But that's not the only reason I want to rent a unit; it's also possible to use the space to give workshops! And I've been looking for a suitable place to do so for a while now. So that would be great; a space where I can work, sell my drawings, cards, buttons, pocket mirrors and more and where I also can give creative workshops! Yay!
I really hope it's going to work out..! But I'll definitely will keep you updated. :)


  1. Wow, sounds like such a great idea! Good luck with the shop/unit, and getting your buttons ready!...