Monday, September 13, 2010



I'm not feeling so well today.. :( I really don't know what I have, but my head itches like mad.. (I know! this sounds so weird..) Well, all I know is that I just want to crawl in bed with a good book or a disney classic and feel very sorry for myself, haha! Maybe it's because my boyfriend is leaving for three months! He's going to study in London. I'm happy for him and I think it will do him good, but I'm gonna miss him..

So this is how I want to spend my day!

In a room like this!

Or this.. So cosy. :)

Join the club!


I love this one!..

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What do you do when you feel miserable?


  1. I generally lie on the couch for a while moping. Then I start to feel like I'm being to lazy so I go for a walk or run. After that, everything seems so much better. Gorgeous bedrooms!

  2. I love that last one! sneak away, close the curtains, leavemealoneIwannareadharrypotter hoekje♥

  3. I should do that too, M.M.E.! So that's why tomorrow I'm forcing myself to get outside and walk for a while! ;)

    And exactly, Kiki! ;) That's what I do too, haha!