Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drip, drop!

Yesterday I was drawing and these little umbrella's and their rain drop friends came out of that. The last couple of days it is really, really hot here in the Netherlands (and we're not used to that!). So maybe it was my subconsciousness telling me I want some rain! But well, I mustn't complain, I like the summer!

But still.. Sometimes the rain can come as a relief!
Here are some beautiful pictures and drawings that make you long for those rainy days again!

Okay, this has nothing to do with rainy days, but it has something to do with umbrella's and it's just AWESOME!

When it is raining, you should watch people's faces! It's so funny, they ALL have the same facial expression. And it's not a happy one. ;D

Love is in the ai-.. err.. rain! :D

You do need a stylish umbrella in the stormy weathers!


  1. goh wat een mooie foto's..vooral met die paraplu's !! Lekker vrolijk :-)

  2. Ja, he? Vind ik ook! Bedankt voor je reactie! :)