Friday, July 2, 2010

The bear

Okay, I decided I need some themes or topics that I discuss or show every week. So, the first thing is that I will pick one animal every week and that I will search for the cutest, most beautiful or strangest objects, clothes or drawings that have something to do with that particular animal! Why? Because I love animals and the way they look (most of them, ;). They all have a beautiful side of their own! I also love to draw animals and they fill me with inspiration!

Enough blablabla, my pick for this week is the bear! My favorite animals are forest animals; foxes (!!), owls, bears, rabbits, hedgehogs, badgers, deer!

The bear

Just click the picture to see the source!


I love the colors in this painting. :)

Lovely fabric that you can order at!
This is so true. ;)

Well, I don't have a baby.. But if I would, I would buy this one immediately! How adorable!

Very nice t-shirt design!

This is such a pretty picture! :O

Lovely vintage (1907, antique actually!) postcard.

Is he cute, or what?

I love this adorable green bear family! It just screams LOVE!

Lovely drawing! How much time did it take to scribble all those itty bitty lines?

What a cool thing to hang on the wall! (better than a real one!)

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