Sunday, November 25, 2012



It's been a bit - okay, more than a bit - quiet around here the last couple of months. A lot of things happened in that time. My family and I moved from a house in the middle of nowhere to a village in the middle of nowhere. Which is an improvement, right? Oh well, it's nice to escape the busy city life after work. :) 

And even more (way more) exciting; Elle Aime is also moving! I'm moving all of the handmade goodies, my craft materials, the collection of kitschy vintage tea cups and the workshops to a new place, woohoo! I can't wait to decorate the shop, plan the festive opening, come up with new workshops, shop for new products, make new products, paint the walls, move all of the furniture and my stash of buttons, beads, tape, stamps, books, twine .. okay, I have a LOT to do. Yes, it will be exhausting, stressful and maybe even a little sad to leave Garage C (the building where my shop is located right now), but I just know it's the right thing to do and a step in the good direction! My own shop. A big window with my logo on it. A place to give and organize even more workshops than I do now. Did I already say that there is going to be a big window with my logo on it?! 

I hope you will all visit me in my new little (no, it will be bigger than the shop is right now, yay!) shop when it's finished! It will be located at Zwaanshals 271b in Rotterdam (which is really close to my shop right now). Of course I will keep you updated about the progress and the opening of the new Elle Aime. I understand if you don't really believe that, because I'm not the most frequent writer. ;)

Actually, it was Ellen Vesters that made me want to write a new blogpost. She attended the workshop that Marlous from Planet Fur gave today in the shop and told me to start writing on my blog again. So, thank you, Ellen! Did I already say I think you're a great gal? 

I could write a lot more right now - a miracle, I never know what to write! - I guess I have more to tell you than I thought. But I promise not to promise that I will write more. That never works out right. 



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