Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craft It Forward 02.

It is time! ;)

Who wants to play Craft It Forward? Handmade gifts are the best and don't you just love to receive little packages with doilies, bows and masking tape on them? I do!

How do you participate?
It's simple! You just need to leave a comment on this blogpost and the first five who do that will receive one of the packages full of handmade stuff I put together! When you receive it, you need to blog about it (before the end of 2012) and give away five handmade things to five other people too! Yay for handmade! :D

The packages I put together contain different handmade stuff like cards, pins, stickers, a brooch, etc.!

* I waited way too long with posting this (stupid me!) and this project can only exist/go further when you really stick to the rules! So I'm going to ask you (although I haven't been the best example!) to only participate if you really have the time to blog, make and send. :) Thanks!


  1. me! I want to craft it forward too :)

  2. ja ik ook, maar dat wist je al ;)

  3. ach jammer te laat, volgende keer beter, veel plezier met het maken!

  4. Dankjewel voor het mee doen, allemaal! (Thank you for participating!)
    De pakjes gaan snel de deur uit. :)

  5. This idea is ace, and your things are lovely! I'll be waiting for the next opportunity to craft it forward! :)