Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft It Forward 01.


I'm that kind of person that wants to do a thousand things all in one free day and then eventually ends up staring at a television or computer screen. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by ideas, thoughts and plans, do you ever get that feeling?

Well, I planned to write this blog post for ages now and I just never did. *slaps herself in the face* But here it finally is!

I received this lovely deer head from Marlous (Planet Fur) a while back. She gave some of these away because of this fun project; Craft It Forward! The idea is that you make five things, give them away to five different people and then they should blog (!!!) about it and give five handmade items away too! Okay. So I failed at the blogging part. Of course I hope you won't. ;)

Marlous makes all kinds of cute stuff for your home (or wedding!) under the name of Planet Fur! She owns an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade products, you should definitely check it out! Besides making beautiful things, she also is the kindest person, has a gorgeous home (follow her blog to see lots of pictures!) and owns the cutest little cat; Molly!
This Sunday she will give a workshop in making felt deer heads (like the one she sent me) in my shop Elle Aime in Rotterdam! I can't wait!

Thanks, Marlous, for your lovely gift and for your patience! I'm so sorry I did not blog earlier about this fun project!!

Oh and I almost forgot! Of course I'm going to give away five handmade goods too! :) Tomorrow I will announce how you can participate and what I will send you if you do! Yay!

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