Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update! :)

Hi, there!

Long time no see. I'm sorry I did not post anything for a while.. I've been very busy with opening my new (real!) shop Elle Aime in Rotterdam! The opening was great! To see some pictures, click here!

I've made some new drawings lately and this is one of them (above)! Normally I would go for more colors, but I made this drawing into a t-shirt design for All Tropical! If enough people vote, share & leave comments, this design will be printed on t-shirts! Yay! That would be great, right? So of course I'm going to ask you to rate my design. ;) Of course you don't have to if you don't like it, but if you do; thaaaaaank you! :D You're awesome, you know that?

It's really easy, go here and join All Tropical. It's easy and quick and you don't get annoying e-mails afterwards or something like that. :) Thanks for the effort!

Besides opening up the shop and working on the online shop (coming soon!) and drawing and and .. I've also been busy organizing a new workshop! It's a workshop where you can make your own jewelry by combining new materials with vintage finds! I love flea markets and I've collected a lot of little toys, trinkets, goods, beads, buttons and more. Of course I can't use them all myself, so let's share. :) I really hope you can join me on June 19 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to make some necklaces and bracelets! Or maybe a fun brooch!

Go here to read more about the upcoming workshop (in Dutch!) and see some pics of the materials and stuff. I really need to make pictures of the examples I made! Well, more of those soon.

Bye & have a lovely day!


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