Monday, March 7, 2011

Tiny girl on a big red chair.


I've been drawing today. Made this little weird drawing of a tiny girl on a really big red chair. What do you think? Sometimes I just don't know what to think of my own drawings. I'm weird.

Click on the picture to see it bigger. :)


  1. Too much fun. Very Alice in Wonderland'esque. I love all the background details.

  2. I like it! Kind of reminds me of Goldilocks and The Three Bears when she tries out all their chairs. :-)

  3. Hoi Lisa,

    Echt al je tekeningen zijn prachtig en ik heb zoveel bewondering voor hoe snel je zo veel mooie tekeningen kan produceren :D! Bravo!

    Liefs Nikki

  4. Thank you all very much! :D

    @Jaclyn Thanks! I love drawing those background details!

    @Meeling; You're so right, I never thought of that! She is like Goldilocks. I like her more now. Haha!

    @Liefsgeval Dankjewel! Dat is heel lief van je en natuurlijk heel leuk om te horen (eh.. lezen!)! :D

  5. lovely illustration, i like the expression on the cats face, and how overwhelming the girl is in the big red chair. The details are fantastic.

  6. Thank you so much, Heidi! It is much appreciated!

  7. This is really adorable. I love the kitty!