Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ordered cards & stickers!


Tonight I ordered new cards and stickers! I really hope they will arrive before 03-03-11, because I want to rent a market booth at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam on that day! :)

Here is a little screenshot of the designs I used to make the cards! They will be greeting cards, with a white envelope.
I made four little 'series'. One with the bear on green, bunny and bee on pink, two swans on blue. One with the badger in the dress and the one next to it with all the colored stuff (haha). One with the girl in the red dress and the blue hair and the pink one with two girls, a bunny and more. And one collection of the rest of the cards (the bear & bunny knitting, the girl in the red chair, the bunny and her baby, the mouse on the house and the woman with the knitting supplies & kitties).

Well, I guess it's a little hard to see, but I will make better pictures when they arrive!

Here is a little screenshot of the stickers I ordered!

I hope you like them!


  1. Sooo cute!! I want a set!!

    I hope they arrive in time so that you can get your booth at the craft fair!

  2. Thank you! :D And I hope so too!!

    And of course they will be available somewhere on the Internet soon (haha , maybe in my Etsy shop, maybe somewhere else!).. ;)

  3. Sta je ook op de volgende markt? Vind ze heel leuk!

  4. Hi, Ladyknit!

    Ja, ik probeer op de volgende Sunday Market te gaan staan, op 3 april! Ik moet nog even gaan kijken of dat allemaal lukt, maar ik doe mijn best. Leuk als je langskomt! :D