Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LM kwadraat is born!


It's official! I'm now the owner of a shop in ROTABS in Rotterdam!! 'LM kwadraat' (LM squared) is born! ;)

I'm so excited! And I hope it will be a success; that way I can stay there for a very long time and make a lot of new art/items and give a lot of creative and fun workshops!
Having my own place will be very practical, I will have a lovely place to work and sell my stuff, to give workshops and to store all my materials/tools. I guess my room will be quite empty; it's now full of vintage stuff (that I will use as decoration and sell in my shop), a lot (and by a lot I mean a lotttt) of materials for the workshops and of course my drawings and other stuff I make.
But I guess it will also give me more inspiration; my mom and I are now thinking of making a collection of bags and other stuff. :) Yay!
And of course it will be a lot of fun to meet other creative minds and also clients/people who will visit the shop.

Well, the official opening is going to take place at the same time as the Swanmarket (; May the 15th. The Swanmarket is a lovely market where a lot of people sell their handmade or vintage goods! So if you're creative and you want to sell your stuff at a market; try the Swanmarket! If not; just stop by and take a look! :) I can't wait!

Here are some pictures of the space I rented! It's not huge, but it's big enough (for now). ;)
We're going to clean the floor, paint the walls/ceiling white (they are white, but whiterrr) and I'm going to paint one wall light blue/green/turquoise (hard to explain, haha).

A little vintage basket I bought at a huge second hand store near ROTABS!

The shopppp!

This is ROTABS from the inside. Here you can see the other shops/units. It's a very relaxed place to be, it feels like home already! You can also eat and drink something there (all vegetarian! which is great for me; I have been a vegetarian for over 9 years now).

Here you can see the entrance of the shop. Above the shop there is a workspace; my mom is going to use that space to create her jewelry & glass beads!

More pictures will come later on; we're going to be painting the shop this saturday! :)


  1. that's a great space lisa! looks like a very cool place to be. i'm a veggie too!

  2. Yay for veggies! ;D And yes, it is; it just feels right! :D

  3. Wow! Looks like a fantastic space...can't wait to see how you "dress" it up!!

  4. Thanks, Meeling! And me neither. ;) Can't wait to get started with decorating!!

  5. This looks awesome, this is sooO exciting I guess !! Hope this could exist in France, but... Have a good day !

  6. Thank you, Celessa!! And it is very exciting, indeed! Tomorrow we're going to paint the walls. :D

    Thanks and have a great day yourself too! And maybe someday something like this will exist in France. :) I hope so!

  7. what an exciting plan! I love Rotabs, one of the coolest places in Rotterdam! I will be with my kraam at the swanmarket, can't wait to see the shop in real!! :) good luck!!!!

  8. Hi, Teresa!
    Thanks! And that's cool; I guess I will be seeing you at the Swanmarket the 15th of May then! :D