Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi there!

Yesterday my aunt, niece, my mother and I made a really big mess! Not just for fun (although it was a lot of fun!), but to think about the workshops I'm planning to give in the nearby future! I'm going to give workshops in making jewelry with vintage (and secondhand) materials. We also made some examples of what you can make during this workshop, but that was harder than we thought! It takes a lot of time to figure out what you're going to make, because I have a large collection of old buttons, ribbons, toys, beads, fake flowers, little porcelain statues, wooden blocks, puzzle pieces, old necklaces and much, much more. The collection is growing and growing (went to a flea market yesterday, going to two tomorrow).

Of course I will give these workshops in the Netherlands, so it won't be very interesting for all of you. :)

I will give you more information about these workshops very soon!

I don't look very happy on the picture above.. I was! But I was concentrating.. verrry hard. ;)


  1. Looks like a funny mess! Good luck with the workshops! I hope see more photos of your workshops updates soon!

  2. Workshopsss!!!!! yes: where, when, what?

    looking forward


  3. Haha! :D Dankje voor je enthousiaste berichtje, Mincka!!
    De workshops komen eraan! Ik weet nog geen precieze datum voor de eerste keer, maar dat hoor je snel van me! Ik ben druk bezig met het plannen, het maken van voorbeelden en het verzamelen van materialen! ;)