Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I want to make little cards like this with the 'tea illustration'! This is a very poorly cut prototype, haha! ;) Just wanted to get the idea out of my head.

Do you like it?

I think I'm going to sell these (if I can make pretty ones) in my Etsy shop in packs of 5? 10?

Oh! And one more thing: now is the time to buy something in my shop! Why you ask me?
One. I'm giving you a 10% discount on everything in my shop until this friday (which is my birthday!) with the coupon code; HAPPYBIRTHDAY21
Two. I made 38 sales in my Etsy shop and I'm going to give number 40 a little gift with his/her order! Don't want to be number 39? I guess you have to order two items, haha! ;)

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