Monday, February 21, 2011


I made a new little card for in my Send A Smile shop! :) Go here!

This week is a week full of doing things that just need to be done (most of the time they had to be done much earlier, you know how that goes..). I'm sending out e-mails, finishing a drawing job, adding new items to my Etsy shop and coming up with new ideas for the upcoming year!

I want to do sooo many things. Sometimes I'm just paralyzed because I have too much ideas. Do you know what I mean? You just don't know where to start!

Well, I guess I need to make a list and use it to stay on track. :)

My list for this week (no, you don't have to read it, haha!)
- make a list (woooh, I'm doing it!)
- send out important e-mails; 1 to go, 2 already done
- pay for that art fair I'm attending in June. (was it June..? err..)
- finish drawing assignment; making drawings for kids!
- add new items to my Etsy shop; transfer sheets, brooches and prints!
- find a birthday present for my mum and think about my birthday present for my boyfriend!
- come up with new ideas for an all new collection full of new drawings & products! yay!
- finish assignment; making prints for someone.
- add some new card designs to my Send A Smile shop
- draw draw draw
- make more examples for the workshops I'm planning to do!
- make pictures of the examples
- I want to see my boyfriend (saw him yesterday, miss him already..)

Okaaaaay, I probably come up with tons of things I need to do this week, but these are the things I want to do!

Thank you for reading this total useless information, you're amazingly awesome.

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