Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You ugly zazzle!

Good morning!

I'm still in my apple green bathrobe with my name embroidered on it (present from the boy!). :) And I'm trying to figure out how zazzle.com works. If you don't know it; it's a website where you can sell products online with your design on it, like t-shirts and buttons. I like the idea of my drawings on buttons and mugs and stuff, but I just don't like the lay out of the website! Maybe because I'm spoiled with the beautiful design of Etsy.com. It's just prettier! But well, maybe later on I will find a way to make my own Zazzle shop the way I like it to be.

Here is a new drawing I made. I didn't draw that much lately, so I'm just doodling to get the 'feeling' back. ;) Hope you like it!

It's called 'The braids and the snakes'.

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