Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi there!

Hmm.. I'm not very good at keeping up with the blogging-thing. But I'm determined to hold on and keep blogging! So that's why I'm starting again, today.

Well, a little update about what I've been doing the last couple of weeks; I've been drawing (of course!), but I also made a lot of jewelry. I really want to combine my drawings with my jewelry and other stuff I make. It is hard to find your own unique style. It's even harder to find a way to get all of your art to be cohesive, that it all fits into one idea, into one state of mind. I have so many different ideas, but I want my art to be recognizable; so that you can see it's made by me! I actually don't know how to put this in words (especially in english!), but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say! ;) But well, I'm just doing the best I can!

And I'm also going to do the best I can to keep up my blog! If I don't, just slap me in the face!

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