Monday, June 28, 2010


It is very strange to say 'hello', because I know I'm saying this to .. well, nobody. (besides a couple of ex-classmates ;) This is the first day and the first time I'm posting something on my blog (in english!). Finally! I've wanted to start a blog for a long time, but now I know the time is right.

Let me first introduce myself (to someone out there who will read this someday!). I'm Lisa and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Holland (and no; I don't eat cheese all day, wear wooden shoes or do drugs - ;). Recently I decided to quit art school. I was studying Digital Photography, but I realized, after a while, that this wasn't the thing I would want to do to earn my money.
I've been drawing all my life (well, since I knew what a pencil was), but nowadays I'm drawing like I did never before. I really love to do it, much more than taking pictures. Much, much more. I'm not the best illustrator or whatever, but I really like to do it (and most of the times I also like what comes out of it!). So I decided to give up (as a career) photography and move on to illustration. First I was thinking about taking classes in illustration on that same art school. But I don't think that is the right thing for me to do. (long story!)
My ultimate goal is to make a living by drawing and making lovely things with my drawings (such as jewelry and bags or plushies) and selling them. Mostly on the Internet (for starters) and also on craft markets near by. And then I will eventually find out if this was the right decision or not - fingers crossed!

So that was a little bit about my latest adventure of quitting school and beginning my own business! :)

I'm planning on selling my stuff on Etsy. But it will take a while before I will put the first thing up. I want it to be just how I think it should be!

The things I'm planning on posting here, are;

- Pictures of people, places and stuff that inspire me
- My drawings and other things I make
- My adventures (oh, what a wild life I lead ;)
- Errr.. yes, well.. I'm going to come up with loads of fun stuff to post here! ;)

One last thing; sorry for the mistakes I might make by writing in English; I'm Dutch, so please forgive me. ;D

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